Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Handle Comments on Your Blog

It is a common feature of blogs that the owners allow visitors to post comments if they wish. These comments may have something to do with the blog subject matter or could be completely unrelated. The comments could also be in favour of, or against the blog material. Whatever the nature of the comment, the blogger has the option of dealing with these in a variety of ways.

The blog owner can:

* Answer the comments
* Block individual visitors from making further comments
* Delete the comments
* Adjust the blog settings so that comments must be approved by the administrator before being published

So let's have a look at each of these options in further detail.

Answering Comments on Your Blog

Most blog programs, especially the most popular Wordpress, will allow you to post comments on your own blog, which gives you the opportunity to answer positive or negative comments by others. You have the option to recognize criticisms and defend your original post with a rebuttal to negative comments. When you receive positive comments, you can also thank the visitors for the praise you've received. You may also receive comments in the form of questions or requests for further information. You can use this as an opportunity to develop better relationships with your blog visitors.

Blocking Comments from Specific Visitors

Unfortunately, not all blog comments are helpful. Some are mean spirited while others may simply be spam comments from people who are either looking for backlinks to their site, or just plain mischievous. To help prevent spam comments you should consider using the Akismet plugin if you are using Wordpress. This contains a database of spammers and spam formats is able to catch spam comments and quarantine them before they are published. The blogger may also wish to ban individual blog visitors if their comments are unreasonable or scandalous.

Adjusting the Blog Settings

There are ways of preventing some of the unpleasant outcomes in the above paragraph by setting your administrative features to not allow blog comments to be published until you have approved them. If you don't like the comment, you can simply delete it or mark it as spam. You can usually choose to be notified by email whenever a visitor posts a comment, so that you can handle it without delay, especially if it is a spammer using your blog to get backlinks at your expense. The blog owner can simply delete any comments they don't want others to read before the comments are published.


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