Friday, January 2, 2009

Why Men Leave Relationships - The Basic Reason You Need to Know!

Have you ever wondered, "why do men bail out on relationships?" I think that almost everyone will agree that men express their feelings completely different from women.

In fact, there have been countless books, essay, songs, poems, etc. written about this very subject.

So, why do men leave relationships? Well, every man is different, but there is a basic reason most men will give up and walk away from their relationship:

Men have a deep-seated need to feel respect, admiration and desire from their women. If they feel they no longer have their partner's respect, admiration and desire, they may leave the relationship.

Yes, it may be ego, but it is true all the same. During courtship, many women instinctively behave in ways to let their men know they are highly desired by them. They may take an active interest in his profession, laugh at all of his bad jokes, or be a little more "touchy-feely" with him.
However, as time passes on complacency begins to set in. Many men in long-term relationships complain about being "nagged" to death by their partner. The underlying complaint is not so much the nagging itself, but the fact that men tend to interpret constant criticism from their mate as meaning they no longer have their partner's respect or admiration.

Eventually the man may leave to seek out someone who will make him feel desirable and wanted again. This is not to say that you can never communicate your feelings honestly with your man, nor should you become a doormat. It just means that expressions of your love and desire need to always remain in the balance with all of the ways you communicate with your man.

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