Saturday, November 29, 2008

Marriage Problem Signs That You Do Not Want to Ignore

Relationships are hard. Marriage is hard. We all have fights, but when is a marriage in trouble? I would like to share with you a few marriage problem signs that you do not want to ignore.
Sign #1: Not talking as much. Have you noticed that you and your spouse have not been chit chatting as often? This is not good! Communication is extremely important in any relationship, and when it starts to break down like this, people can drift apart.
Sign #2: Small problems become big problems. Things that use to just be small arguments turn into full blown war. You find that it doesn't take much for a heated debate to break out.
Sign #3: You fight more often, and about more topics then before. It may seem as though you agree on less and less. This also includes minor issues that didn't use to be a big deal.
Sign #4: Other people are getting more involved in your lives. Is a mother-in-law or neighbor becoming a big part of the marital issues? Ideally marital issues are dealt with and kept between partners. When outsiders start coming in, it signals a further breakdown of marital communication.
I did not share those signs to scare you, I just want you to understand some things to look for if you notice your relationship heading for shaky waters. The best thing you can do is recognize that there are some problems, and both make a commitment to getting things sorted back together. Being irrational doesn't help anyone, so try to focus and dedicate your energy on repairing what you have. Your marriage is worth it.