Sunday, December 21, 2008

Discover the Secrets to a Happy Marriage

It is very normal for a married couple to have ups and downs during their marriage. During problems it is very natural that one sits back and analyzes the problems within. We try to answer the question - Why does a marriage fail?

In doing so we look at other couples, friend or relatives and try to find the answer. It may help detecting the probable causes of a failed marriage but overall this exercise is not helpful.
What about putting the question the other way round - Why does a marriage succeed? It will be easier to find answers for it by recognizing the elements of a successful marriage.
The married couple in a successful marriage are very positive towards the following characteristics.

#1. A happy couple are fond and admire each other.
#2. A happy couple have positive and optimistic feelings towards each other.
#3. A happy couple possess marital friendship.
#4. A happy couple share a collection of memories of good times that help them improve their emotions.
#5. A happy couple share their goals and meanings of life.
#6 A happy couple honour and work for each other's dreams.

By asking these positive questions and following these points it makes us look inside ourselves and come up with similar feelings. It is up to us to build upon these positive feelings and create a more shared marital relationship. In simple words this is what marriage counselling or marital therapy is all about.

A marital therapist will identify the strengths of a marriage and help in guiding the couple to make them stronger.

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