Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marital Relationship is Bliss

I know that moment you will start reading this article the questions will prop up in your mind that "Is Marital Relationship is really bliss?" Trust me view can be two that too very divergent. But that's what the life is all about. In-spite of having the divergence in the view the majority thinks very similarly and only a few thinks different and that's what create the two and sometimes three or more view of any topic. Let's take the majority view that marital relationship is bliss.
As we all know that after a certain age we all started craving for a partner and that's where the marital relationship started accommodating itself in all of us. I know that you all must be wondering at in the age of live-in relationship that who has time for the full time relationship. Very true but are the live-in relationship can be compared with the marital relationship.
Marital Relationship is marriage of two families - Yes, indeed the marital relationship a marital bond is established between the family of the girl and boy. Stability in the marital relation is what makes it holy and long lasting. But please this is quite advance time and if a woman thinks that she will enter into marital bond with anybody her parents would select would be the most foolish decision taken by her for her life.
But by proper inquiring one can definitely enter into marital relationship. In case, you know that guy than nothing could be better then this, as it would enhance the understanding in a relationship between you and your partner. Therefore, either way it is proven that it is the marital relation in more of family bond then a personal relationship.
When is the right age of marriage?
Here I would not like to put a thrust on any particular age, as depending on the family problems and personal objective one should take the decision that when is the time to enter into the marital relationship. Some people prefers to enter into the marital relations early age as for them the goals has already been achieved. But for the some people even reaching the age of mid thirties is not the ripe age. But here the decision should be taken by the person who is at the cross road of this question.
When marital relationship is turned out to be burdensome?
"A wife loves out of duty, and duty leads to constraints, and constraints kill desire" and this limpidly tells us that why marital relationship turns out to be burdensome. Therefore effort should be made by both partners to live it fully and live as friend rather then as a duty, which pressurizes a relationship and this pressure makes it burdensome on people to face it.
Therefore to maintain the bliss, the people should make effort to get married, at the appropriate age and enjoy it as the part of life than any responsibility so that the marital relationship is turned out to be complete fun and game.

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